Tuesday, 4 September 2018

#LaunchPadJ2B - Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series -7

In entrepreneurship 90% of our focus should be in

developing our own company & only 10 % focus on our

competition. Competition is good in entrepreneurship;

people who have reached high positions in business or life 

are the most competitive people. Competition brings out the

best in you, makes you focus on improvements, and attracts


You need to be aware of the competition but focus on your

own business. Learn the best practices that they have

achieved or what works in the market for them. Focusing on

Competitors too much will surely exhaust your resources

making it more difficult to run your own business. So, keep

your main focus on your own business, your own resources

and your own projects and clients.

Persistence is an important characteristic of a successful

entrepreneur. You have to continuously learn and adapt to

market changes & at the same time be persistent. You cannot

lose focus of your ultimate goal, what you want your venture

or company to achieve. Life will not be difficult if you plan

ahead and foresee any possible deviations from your chosen

path, avoid them altogether making keeping on track all the

more easier.

Learn how to outsmart yourself into making  
good decisions
until you no longer need to consciously keep making the effort. To succeed you need to be persistent,relentless and focused for e.g. Thomas Edison an inventor and an entrepreneur. He worked on the light bulb 1000 times before getting it right. So don’t worry about competition outside battle with your persistence to stay ahead of the whole game…

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