Friday, 26 August 2016

How to Recover FAST from the Bad Day at work?

Many of my clients have shared this issue. Having Bad day at work and it has taken long time for them to recover from it.
If you ever had this sort of feeling or if you know someone who is facing this issue; then following short message will definitely help.
Just for example, imagine that for some XYZ reason, you had a bad day at work. You are nervous, frustrated and exhausted.

Here are my top strategies to help you Recover FAST from the Bad Day at work.
The only reason it takes longer for you to recover is that you may still be focusing on the pain part of the bad day. It may be: How it has happened? What pain it has caused to you? How did you feel during the bad part of the day? etc.

Now, use this 3 step strategy:
1. To feel better faster you need different and empowering thoughts and to get these, faster, change your physiology. If you are just sitting and thinking about pain then get up and do some physical activity. Go for run, Go for brisk walk, Jogging, or Jumping Jacks (This is my favorite because it is easy and in majority of the cases it can be done anywhere, in any weather conditions). Do anything that will change your physical state.
2. Immediately after this listen to the energetic songs, music. If possible listen to motivational audios, videos. (Now a days you can easily keep this with you all the time in your mobile)
3. Make an empowering phrase for you and repeat it, as long as you can. Here are some of the empowering personal phrases used by my clients:                
         (a) I’m the Best.
         (b) I can handle anything.
         (c) I’m Smart.
         (d) I can do it.
         (e) I’m capable of anything etc.
         Make sure your empowering phrase starts with “I”.

This 3-step strategy is easy to follow and you don’t need anybody else to help you for this. Therefore it is totally self-dependent and this will very quickly put you in the strong state.

In summary, I’ll share a secret.
Don’t think about the pain from the painful, lousy state.
First take yourself to strong state and then you’ll feel more confident, empowered and resourceful to deal with any issues in your life. ( Then recovering from Bad day at work will be just a piece of cake for you). All the Best.

Inside you there is a huge potential; All the time.
Learn to release that hidden potential and
You can achieve anything in your life.
Simply Train Your Brain and Go For Success.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Sunday, 21 August 2016

What is Business? (Video Inside)

Q: What is Business?
A: It’s a Game.
It’s a Game in which you Exchange Value & Money.
If there’s no money then it will be a charity.

Q: How to win this game?
A: Exchange more value & money.

Q: Can anyone win this game?
A: Yes & No.
It’s no because not all people know the rules of this game.
And if you don’t know the rules, how can you win the game.

It’s yes because it’s like a lock and a key. If you have the right key you can open the lock.
Infact if anyone has the right key they can open the lock and the best past is
“Lock doesn’t care who holds the key”

If you have the right key, you can open the lock.

Q: How can I become the champion in this game?
A: Three things:
1. Get in the Game
2. Stay in the Game and
3. Grow in the Game

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

Friday, 19 August 2016

How to manage “Money” ?

  1. DELAY buying decisions of EXPENSIVE items
  2. DON’T Spend ALL you have.
  3. Look for FREE or low cost alternatives. Many times you’ll FIND them that meet your needs.
  4. While spending, use BRAIN not EMOTION.
  5. Don’t wait to get RICH to manage money. MANAGE money to get RICH.
  6. Don’t set money as destination. Money is either MEANS to reach destination or OUTCOME of the destination.
  7. Making MORE money is NOT a bad thing. You always have the option to HELP others if you have more.
  8. FOLLOW these steps for financial freedom
  • BECOME skillful in something
  • EARN
  • Achieve Financial Security
  • Achieve Financial Independence
  • Achieve Financial Freedom
I have put all this in an interesting slide show.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Friday, 12 August 2016

How to improve Confidence?

Confidence is not about ‘knowing’ everything but it is about ‘trusting’ your abilities that you can handle anything!  Everyone (including YOU) already owns the confidence needed in every circumstances.

But then you may ask why do we feel ups and downs in the confidence we carry?
My dear friend, it’s not due to absence of confidence but it’s due to presence of some other things in your mind. These things are
– Bad beliefs (B),
– Fear (F),
– Bad memories about past events or past critics (M),
– Doubts (D) and
– Your Dependencies (De) on some people or things.

Imagine an old fashioned weighing scale. On one side it’s confidence and on the other side it’s other things – B, F, M, D & De.
Whichever weighs high sends the signal to your mind and your mind just displays what signal it gets.

When the other things seem big, we automatically tell ourselves that we don’t have the confidence. The word to look for is ‘seem’. That means it may not be real. Other things just appear to be big.
Now for any reason, if you feel, you have a confidence problem then what can you do about it?

The answer is First Make Yourself Trustworthy (in your own eyes)” and for that start with these 2-Steps.
1. Positive Self Talk:
Remember this Golden Rule from Brain Tracy: No one is better than you and No one is smarter than you. If they seem better or smarter, they have just started before you.

My friend, instead of self- sabotaging, help your inner core to get better.
Sabotaging hurts but support helps to prepare you to create miracles in the future.
It doesn’t matter where you are if you know where you are going. Focus on your talents and skills. No body is perfect. And don’t even fall in the trap of waiting to be perfect. I have a powerful saying in my personal diary and it is: Focus on Excellence not perfection because perfection is a perception and it keeps changing.

2. Plan and Prepare:
Stay ready for the unknowns by developing some preset strategies to deal with them. In our day to day life we cannot avoid unknowns or unwanted surprises but we can definitely deal with them by predefined set of actions.
One of my coaching clients had come up with a method called as 3-Seconds. He has trained himself to wait for 3-Seconds before he give reply to any unknowns or unwanted surprises and it works because
(a) He doesn’t instantly lose his confidence and
(b) In that strong state he generally gets a better solution to deal with the situation. You can try it if you like.
If you follow above 2 steps, you’ll definitely feel improvement in your confidence.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Friday, 5 August 2016

10 Things which can Keep YOU away from Achieving Success

Here is the quick compilation of Top 10 things.
Have a look and see if there is anything
which is stopping you from
achieving BIG Dreams in your life.
# 1 : Lack of Focus and Clarity
# 2 : Lack of Time
# 3 : Fear of Unknown Things or Things which may happen to stop you
# 4 : Other things taking Priority
# 5 : Lack of Funds
# 6 : Procrastination
# 7 : No one to Ask you “Why are you not working on your Dreams” ?
# 8 : You are waiting (from long time) to get Perfect in something
# 9 : You are trying to do Everything yourself
# 10 :You are not sure “How to get started” ?
If you find any similarities in your current situation,
then let me reveal:
Someone, somewhere, sometime is facing the similar issues.
Key to Make Progress, in this situation will be:
Dream BIG,
START Early,
Fail Fast and Keep Moving Forward.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Thursday, 4 August 2016

How to Quit Job & START Your Business

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Which one thing you would choose to work on again and again if you want Sense of Satisfaction, Freedom and Sense of Contribution to make this world a better place?

If you ask me, I would say: The best answer is: Become Successful Entrepreneur.

In old days, Entrepreneurship was about starting a business. However that definition is incomplete in this new world.

Today, entrepreneurship is all about helping people solve their problems, taking them from where they are to where they want to be and getting paid for doing that (yes, getting paid is important too).

It’s true for both online businesses and offline businesses.

We can see the increasing trend in today’s professionals to choose entrepreneurship as a new career than just keep working on a job for the life time.

There are numerous challenges faced by these budding entrepreneurs.
Here are the Top 10 of them:
(1) Worry about their Financial Safety
(2) Lack of Knowledge about exact Next Steps
(3) Lack of real life Business Idea
(4) Lack of Required Self-Confidence
(5) Lack of Success Coach / Mentor
(6) Fear of Failure
(7) Non Supportive People around them
(8) Lack of Clarity
(9) Lack of Big Dreams
(10) Fear to Leave Comfort Zone

I’ve personally experienced most of these challenges before I became a Successful Author, International Speaker and Branding Expert.

Here are my 10 keys for your success in Entrepreneurship venture:
(1) Make Financial Safety Plan
(2) Get Strategic Knowledge about exact Next Steps
(3) Identify Business Idea that works
(4) Build Self-Confidence
(5) Get Success Coach / Mentor to help you
(6) Learn Strategies for Success
(7) Build Supportive Team
(8) Get Clarity of Future
(9) Set Big Dreams & Passion
(10) Make Effective Blue print to Succeed

You don’t need everything at the beginning however you will need to look after most of the things during your Entrepreneurial journey.

However, the journey of Entrepreneurship can seem lonely because you will be burning mid night oil to look after various pieces of the unknown puzzle and it will seem like giving up in between.

Imagine you are going for a mountain climbing adventure. It’s all excitement and passion at the beginning. However when the terrain gets harder and harder (which is true in majority of the cases) you may feel like stuck somewhere in between. You can’t even go forward due to obstacles and you can’t even return due to fear of failure or what other people will say about you.

To help you successfully handle all these emotions and assist you to explore the window of opportunities, a good success coach can be very useful.

You may ask, why coaching is essential for today's new breed of entrepreneurs? Well, here are the 6 major benefits of coaching for budding entrepreneurs.

1)    Managing your Self-Motivation: Whenever I work with someone, I strive to dig out the WHY behind their actions. The stronger the WHY, bigger the self-motivation.

If you have stronger reasons to proceed, you will be tough in handling obstacles. Col. Saunders (Founder of KFC) was financially poor when he started and his desire to succeed financially became his motive to succeed in his field.

Imagine your entrepreneurial journey as a rocket. You need fire at the base to propel you forward.

2)    Strategic Guidance: Whenever you’ll start your entrepreneurial journey you may not be aware of all the Key success factors in building the products, marketing, selling, negotiating your deals, finding the investors, recruiting high performance teams, handling economic fluctuations etc. With the help of right coach you will succeed in your new venture and minimise your losses.

3)    Managing Change: While working on your business dream, you might be working on your full time job to back up your economic side. You might be sleeping less, ignoring your health and spending less time with your family. With the help of a coach, you can identify the potential roadblocks and come up with the contingency plan to deal with them. It will help you succeed in keeping work-life balance so that you cannot give up on your business dream.

4)    Managing your Failures: The biggest mistake I see, budding entrepreneurs are making, is to expect smooth ride. How much I wish, to happen it for you, but in real world life will throw at you many challenges which you may not even dreamed of.

After my MBA, when I started working, I got laid off. It was a recession time in the UK. I couldn’t even get a new job. However my desire to finish stronger was so intense that I fought back the obstacles. Took a job as door keeper at an Arts centre where my job was to see the ticket and let the audience in. It was hard time but that taught me many life sessions which otherwise I couldn’t have learnt elsewhere. You must be able to manage your failures and finish stronger.

5)    Managing your Efficiency: With the help of right coach you can identify real value adding activities and separate them from non-value adding activities. You can do more things which matters more and spend less time on the things of less importance. You should be able to delegate, eliminate, and automate your activities.

6)    Managing your Money: You cannot ignore the importance of money management in business. It’s not a one off thing. You have to be laser focussed every year. Hundred year old companies such as Lehman Brothers have gone bankrupt by ignoring this.
Don’t let this happen to you. Learn to manage your cash flow. Learn to manage money.

From past 7 years Success Coach Nilesh has been helping entrepreneurs to make their dream become a reality. In the very first year of his consulting business, he was the finalist for Best New comer to Consulting and Most Outstanding Achievements towards continuous professional development in the UK. He currently lives in London, UK and also support clients worldwide via Training, Coaching and Consulting Sessions.

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"How to Quit Job & START Your Business"

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