Friday, 29 July 2016

Don’t Drive Your Ferrari on a Railway Track

My Dear Friend,
This is a true story. Last week, one of my good friends called me, to get some advise on making an important job switch decision. He had received an offer from a company and he was thinking whether to accept the offer or not. The new job was with a multinational consulting company. 
He wanted to leave the current job because his supervisor was not meeting his incentive etc commitments and my friend was getting the feeling that his skills were over utilized and under paid.

Have you ever had this sort of feeling? You are working so hard and your pay cheque doesn’t reflect that. It still stays reasonably same. No matter how hard you work.
I know many professionals, who had that feeling at some point of time in their career.
When I analysed the situation I realized an important insight:  

Don’t Drive Your Ferrari on Rail Track.
If you think you have skills, qualifications and experience similar to power & elegance of Ferrari then make sure you are utilizing those on the right track / path / road or in other words right Employer. Ferrari is most suitable for highways (or Motorways as they call in UK) and rail tracks are for trains. Hence make sure you are utilizing your skills in right industry / on right track / for right employer etc. Otherwise you might end up exhausted as my friend. 

Action strategy of this month:
Think about your ultimate goal / position you want to reach in next 3-5 years. Make sure you think about both sides i.e. professional side as well as financial side. If you can connect the dots from your future goal to current position then its great. Other wise this is the RIGHT TIME to start looking for RIGHT TRACK for you. Remember Life is Short and Time is Limited hence Don’t waste your time trying to figure out why your Ferrari is not making progress on Rail Track, because simply – It won’t work that way.
Let me know your Success Story and I’ll share with others to inspire them.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Friday, 22 July 2016

Kill Your Fears!

What is Fear?
As we have learned : Fear is just a feeling.
Feeling of insecurity or pain or danger or anticipation of something which is not good for you.

Everyone in this world has some kind of fears.
Their intensity may vary but all human beings have some or other kind of fears.

How to deal with Fears?
As we have learned: The I.D.C.D. Process ( Copy right: Success Coach Nilesh ).

Let’s study them once again.

I = Identify
Identify your fears. Just write down on paper what fears you have.
Writing down on the paper will help you see your fear as if you are a 3rd person watching what’s happening.

D= Define
This is the most crucial step.
Define clearly the root cause of your fears.
E.g. Many people say they have fear of public speaking however in reality what they are afraid of are:
– They will forget the content.
– What others will say when they speak
– Their knowledge won’t be sufficient
– Others will not like them

Here crucial point to remember is that you might generalize your fear to main category (in this case public speaking) without realizing that we are actually afraid of the root cause (as listed above for fear of public speaking).

Once you have identified the root cause the next task if to choose a contingency plan.
Choose some actions, ways to deal with the root cause.
If you allow some time your brain will tell you several ways to deal with the root cause.
Just choose the way which you feel more comfortable with.

D= Do
The last point is also very important because here we take our first step to overcome our fears.
Do the action item you have chosen for yourself.

Let me warn you:
  1. Its very natural to feel the pressure when you are doing any task for the first time.
  2. You may not succeed in the first attempt but you will definitely win the war inside you to deal with the fears. Let the result of first action be bad.
Keep doing the actions until your fear fades away. Improve your actions if needed.

I am sure you can now at least dare to deal with your fears rather than run away from it.
Don’t delay your success because of your fears just kill your fears!

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Friday, 15 July 2016

Lead Your Relationships…

My Dear Friend,

This information will help you take your relationships to the next level.

All these elements have been carefully studied and tested. They work in real life.

Let me share these with you .

1. Think Relationship = Connection. This is the simplest meaning to understand relationships.

2. Successful Relationships take time to develop. Give time to get the best results.

3. Crystal clear communication is the fundamental need of successful relationships. Not all of us are mind readers. Share what you want, what you don’t want, what you like, and what you don’t like. Don’t expect your partner or friend to understand you. It can be a lengthy process and often very painful. For You!

4. People are different. They think, learn and do the things differently. Not everyone sees the world the same way as you do. Hence in case of disappointments, understand this difference.

5.When you love or care someone then EXPRESS it. Don’t just carry these thoughts in your mind.  As I mentioned earlier,
Not all of us are mind readers.

6. Sometimes, there may be unexpected behaviors from your partner or friends. Forgive and keep going but politely share the reason of forgiveness and request not to repeat the root cause. This will bring openness in your relationships.

7. There is a saying, Relationships is the place where we go to GIVE, not to GET. Understanding this will simplify your relationships.

Your Action Item:
Please Don’t just read it. Use it & Share it with your spouse, partner, and friends.
They’ll love the fact that you want to strengthen your bonding.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Thursday, 14 July 2016

What is happiness?

Few days back I read something very interesting.
Hope you like it as well.

What is happiness?

Happiness is an inside job. Now how it can be an inside job when everything is available outside e.g. bungalow, expensive cars, big bank balance, world travel, beauty etc.

These are materialistic things and for temporary happiness. These things give short term happiness. e.g. If you have bought an expensive car whether it is out of your comfort but you are still feeling happy because none of your family or friends or neighbourhood has this car but after sometime someone buys the same car or more luxurious car, your happiness may turn into

What? GRIEF...... I am not saying forget everything and go to jungle and spend life there.

Fulfil your desires these things are made for us. But don't make them yours only source of happiness.

Therefore happiness is an inside job. Inside job means internal happiness, happiness of soul, happiness of heart.

Happiness is in loving, sharing, giving, being yourself, hanging out with friends, watching favourite movie, listening to music, party with friends and yes happiness is in meeting new people, sharing memories, bunking classes, dancing, feeding the poor and animal, gardening gives pleasure etc.
There are still many ways to be happy. Oh yes, I forgot one more point that spending time with kids. Kids teach us how to be happy because they are unaware of losing loved ones, jealousy, negative thoughts, and ego. They accept life as it comes, non-demanding.

Happiness is in giving without expectations. Happiness is in contentment. Happiness is in enjoying nature. Happiness is in receiving surprises.

Dalai Lama says "Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions". So very true. Mind produce thoughts and thoughts become our actions and actions become our behaviour. Again thoughts are responsible for our actions.

Happiness in gratitude. Have you ever accepted yourself as you are because you are alive and thats great. Isnt it?

Listen to your heart, your heart knows your true happiness. Mind always runs, it doesn't stop not even while sleeping. So people always get confused in mind and heart.
The question is how to listen heart when mind gives thousands of thoughts. Always remember when and what we do all the time heart doesn't get involved every time.

For example lets take a question! What is your true happiness? Now see your mind start giving you thousands of answer I.e. hanging out with friends, watching favourite movie, listening to music blah blah blah but heart convinces with only one and that is the right answer. Heart always speaks but we can't distinguish between heart and mind.

You know why? Because we try to live life of others. We believe in competition. We always run with other and try to win but in fact we lose. First of all listening to your heart takes some time and when you start distinguishing between heart and mind then we can easily understand heart's language.

Hope you get all the happiness of the world. Love you all and May god bless you with healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.

Share this with your friends. Its definitely worth sharing. 

Yours Truly,
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Friday, 8 July 2016

Get Ready To Maximize Your Results

Hello my friend,

Have you ever been in situation where you realize towards the end of the day that many things on your to-do list remained untouched or incomplete?
Have you ever thought of getting maximum results for your efforts?
Many of my clients reported about this issue and you might have come across with this issue hence in this message I’ll share with you one simple yet powerful success strategy.
We’ll focus on one specific area and that is from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you start your daily work.
This time in the morning (and late morning for those of you who prefer to get up late) is very crucial.
Apart from just getting ready for the day you can use it more efficiently to increase your productivity of the day.

Let’s call this as Strategy Time.
I use this strategy time to:
  1. Write down all the tasks in my head (This simple strategy helps me clear my mind and get more creative to do the things more effectively)
  2. Arrange all these tasks in the order of priority.
  3. Then realistically check and adjust the schedule of the day
  4. Start focusing on first thing first and keep going through this task list.
It looks simple but it is the most logical and efficient way to increase the productivity of the day.
You might say that you don’t have that much time in the morning to do these 4 steps but I’ll suggest sparing just 4-5 minutes a day in the morning. This will save you lots of time and in many occasions money wasted on doing unimportant things at important time.
If you get into habit of using this Strategy Time then you will see yourself achieving maximum results in your day. So, why don’t you try it?
I’ll be happy to receive your comments and feedback.
Also feel free to share this with your friends if you find this message useful.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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Friday, 1 July 2016

6 Quick Steps to Overcome Procrastination of Life Changing Decisions

It has happened before, it is happening now and it might happen in the future.
We all need to make some life changing decisions some time or other during our life. For finest results its better if we make these decisions at the right time.

However many people struggle to make these decisions on time and they end up in mess, soon to realize that it’s too late now.

This all happens due to common phenomenon called Procrastination. I’m sure you already know the pain side of procrastination. Therefore here are the 6 Quick steps to Overcome Procrastination of Life Changing Decisions.

You are probably procrastinating your life changing decisions because:
  1. Its not the urgent time to make these decisions
  2. Its not painful enough, right now, to make these decisions
  3. You might be waiting for that PERFECT time, PERFECT person or PERFECT skill
Doesn’t matter whatever your reason be if something in your heart is telling you to make these decisions, then its time to step forward. Here are your 6 Quick steps to Overcome Procrastination of Life Changing Decisions.

Step # 1: Make list of all these decisions. Just take them out of your head. Put it on paper. It will create the required space in your head to think creatively.

Step # 2: Arrange all these items in the list based on the REAL importance. Don’t arrange them how you want to be but arrange them how they MUST be. Don’t seek comfort. Challenge yourself. Step up.

Step # 3: Focus on topmost item on the list and choose to work on it.

Step # 4: Think about the pain you’ll need to experience if you don’t handle these things right now.
                Think about the pain that will grow year by year, month by month if you don’t make the decisions on time.

Step # 5: Take the first step immediately. Make the necessary plans. Get the necessary books or meet the necessary people or at least arrange your resources to make it happen.

Step # 6: Set the follow up date and time to come back to your plans and check how you are moving ahead? How you are making progress? Alter your plans if needed.

AND CELEBRATE. Yes Celebrate. Celebration is your REWARD for your new decisions and actions. It can be as small as cup of coffee or small shopping. Do anything that is easy to do to reward your steps towards your new life.

I’m sure this will help you step forward faster, as it has helped my numerous clients.

All the Best and Stay in Touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
#1 Success Strategist
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