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What is happiness?

Few days back I read something very interesting.
Hope you like it as well.

What is happiness?

Happiness is an inside job. Now how it can be an inside job when everything is available outside e.g. bungalow, expensive cars, big bank balance, world travel, beauty etc.

These are materialistic things and for temporary happiness. These things give short term happiness. e.g. If you have bought an expensive car whether it is out of your comfort but you are still feeling happy because none of your family or friends or neighbourhood has this car but after sometime someone buys the same car or more luxurious car, your happiness may turn into

What? GRIEF...... I am not saying forget everything and go to jungle and spend life there.

Fulfil your desires these things are made for us. But don't make them yours only source of happiness.

Therefore happiness is an inside job. Inside job means internal happiness, happiness of soul, happiness of heart.

Happiness is in loving, sharing, giving, being yourself, hanging out with friends, watching favourite movie, listening to music, party with friends and yes happiness is in meeting new people, sharing memories, bunking classes, dancing, feeding the poor and animal, gardening gives pleasure etc.
There are still many ways to be happy. Oh yes, I forgot one more point that spending time with kids. Kids teach us how to be happy because they are unaware of losing loved ones, jealousy, negative thoughts, and ego. They accept life as it comes, non-demanding.

Happiness is in giving without expectations. Happiness is in contentment. Happiness is in enjoying nature. Happiness is in receiving surprises.

Dalai Lama says "Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions". So very true. Mind produce thoughts and thoughts become our actions and actions become our behaviour. Again thoughts are responsible for our actions.

Happiness in gratitude. Have you ever accepted yourself as you are because you are alive and thats great. Isnt it?

Listen to your heart, your heart knows your true happiness. Mind always runs, it doesn't stop not even while sleeping. So people always get confused in mind and heart.
The question is how to listen heart when mind gives thousands of thoughts. Always remember when and what we do all the time heart doesn't get involved every time.

For example lets take a question! What is your true happiness? Now see your mind start giving you thousands of answer I.e. hanging out with friends, watching favourite movie, listening to music blah blah blah but heart convinces with only one and that is the right answer. Heart always speaks but we can't distinguish between heart and mind.

You know why? Because we try to live life of others. We believe in competition. We always run with other and try to win but in fact we lose. First of all listening to your heart takes some time and when you start distinguishing between heart and mind then we can easily understand heart's language.

Hope you get all the happiness of the world. Love you all and May god bless you with healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.

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