Thursday, 20 September 2018

Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series -14

Challenges in life are important for us to learn & improve ourselves. People thrive on challenges; some prefer smaller challenges & some will not stop unless they have scaled the highest mountain. But with the challenge comes change. Whether it’s discovering a new ability or learning a new skill, we are changed. We humans are holistic. A new learning or experience changes us completely.

A life without challenge is monotonous. We don’t improve the quality of our life without challenge. It doesn’t mean we have to do crazy challenges everyday just take up some challenge to improvise ourselves. Every individual wants something more, be it a better job or a flourishing business or a fulfilling life. No one wants to spend their lives being stagnant. We all want to achieve greatness, achieve our dreams & be successful.

Take a moment & think about your life

What is it that I can take up as a challenge & conquer?

What will the experience be of taking up a challenge?

What is it that I will learn??

Everyone has to climb their own mountain; no one else can do this for you. If you want to improve your life you need to take up the challenges that come along. You need to be determined & overcome your fears. If we avoid them we won’t change, we won’t learn, we won’t grow. We don’t need to put in all our time and efforts in all the challenges that come our way; we can probably choose which challenge to work on & learn a lot from life.

If life doesn’t challenge you it won’t improve you. Our life is like a river, starts from a small stream, overcomes all the obstacles in the path, takes all the twists and turns. The river crosses all the mountains & big rocks and finally merges with the sea. The flowing river (metaphor for life) is full of opportunities, we just need to take up the challenge & be successful in our endeavors. 

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