Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series -16

The purpose of any business is to create the customer & then serve the customer. If there are no customers then no sales which ultimately means no profit. Every entrepreneur wants to be successful in business & the first thing he needs to work on is winning over his customers. You need to embrace consumer empathy now & be rewarded later.

Being customer focused means more than just customer service. It is the whole organizations approach to customer satisfaction and service leading to customer loyalty. The outcome of which is sustainable profitability. In a customer focused business, the leadership, processes and employees are all customer-aligned. It means

1. All the actions are shaped to meet the expectations & exceed them in relation to the product or service provided.

2. Employees are well aware of their role in maintaining a valued relationship with their customers.

3. Customer touching internal processes are constantly evaluated & improved to meet the expectations of the customers.

Customer focus & service excellence is a leadership issue. It is the responsibility of the entire organization but more so of the management people. To be a customer focused leader it will help you if you look at the best management and leadership practices of other organizations & tailor it as per your situation. Your key role as a customer focused leader is to build and maintain an environment in which customer service flourishes. If you focus on giving a WOW! Experience to your customers; keep a system in place that puts the customer on top, your business will achieve success. The financial gains associated with being a truly customer-focused organization are significant & your business success will be a result of your customer focused actions.

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