Sunday, 2 September 2018

#LaunchPadJ2B - Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series - 6

We deceive ourselves into thinking that we will be happy
once we have something. Children behave like the world
would come to an end unless they have a particular toy, once
you buy it for them after a while the joy fades and they want
something else. Similarly we deceive ourselves into believing
something would be harder to achieve than it really is. The
longer you procrastinate the more painful it becomes in the
head. However once you take action and are past your fears
the discomfort is less severe than imagined. Humans have a
tendency to adapt even to extremely difficult situations in

Fear holds us back from taking on big challenges in life. On
the road ahead in life you will find no matter how small or
big the challenge is you will adapt to it. When you 
intentionally adapt to enormous stress, you evolve and ultimately achieve great success.

For an entrepreneur starting a new venture could be fearful or cash flow to pay monthly bills and employee payroll issues or customer service or finding funding for the venture. Life is full of challenges for the entrepreneur. The difference between a successful entrepreneur who drives profits and the one who fumbles and goes quietly back home is how they handle their fears. The one who faces their fears, takes on life’s challenges, keeps moving forward no matter how hard things get will definitely achieve success. So never be afraid to take a big step, it is must to achieve great success.

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