Sunday, 23 September 2018

Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series -15

An entrepreneur has to consciously learn to be patient. The more we practice the better we get at it. When you're patient, you take the time to stop and focus on the present moment. And when you’re in the present moment, you’re mindful of the current circumstances, which will help you make sensible & well calculated decisions. It gifts us the ability to work progressively towards our goals.

As entrepreneurs we must also learn to have a good attitude when it comes to waiting. There are things we don’t have full control of and those, we must simply leave them be and wait for what will happen next. Of course, before we do this, make sure you have done everything right. For example, on a new business or project, once you completed all the necessary steps and preparations, you have to step back for a while and just wait for everything to fall into place.

An entrepreneur should always choose a positive attitude. It makes you happier and more resilient. Having a good attitude helps you make better decisions & be more creative. It improves relationships & also increases chances of success in any endeavor. A proactive person decides how they will feel regardless of what may be going on around them. Be proactive by choosing your attitude and maintaining it throughout the day. Positive thoughts bring positive attitude, consciously change your thoughts when you are thinking negative.

Focus on the good in yourself, your life & others as well. If you need to lift your attitude simply think of things you need to be grateful for. Keep the company of optimistic people, so that their positive attitude will help yours. So be patient with a good attitude & when the right time comes it will be worth the wait.

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