Thursday, 4 October 2018

#LaunchPadJ2B - Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series - 20

All of us are lucky for some time, but there's no doubt that some people are inclined to be luckier than others. We might say that it's not fair they have all the luck in the world. A little bit of research in their lives shows it’s the way they look at the world that helps them. The truth is lucky people are not lucky by accident but because of their mindset. A mindset that accepts bad luck as foreseeable but good luck as something we achieve with hard work, optimism and courage. Lucky people endure the storms of life by seeing hidden opportunities, having faith in themselves and taking bold action.

We can say luck is just optimism in people. Optimists as we can call them trust in their intuition, take risks and expect good things to happen to them. They practice and perfect their craft while everyone else is relaxing & become masters of it. While others are reacting to a situation they are able to maneuver it to their own benefit.

Ordinary people live ordinary lives but extra ordinary people seek more from life. They want to become the best and so never stop learning or educating themselves. They keep improving and honing their skills and knowledge. Their beyond comparison groundwork gives them power. Generally people crumble under pressure but extraordinary people's mental abilities make them work better under pressure.

Our actions decide whether we move ahead or remain immobile. If we are not thinking and taking action or doing what needs to be done than we will never move ahead in life. We need to analyze, believe in ourselves and take the right steps to reach our ultimate goal .Our actions decide if we are moving towards success or just remaining still in life.

Your luck may decide where you can start however your actions will decide where you have to stop!

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