Friday, 20 May 2016

4 Steps For A Productive Day

These steps will help you take control of the day.
Step 1: Get up early
You may not be a morning person. But mornings are very useful and powerful
and should be used to set up a positive tone for your day. 

You are not much likely to get distracted during the morning hours giving you time
 to concentrate on some toughies. 

You should decide your agenda for the day before you even actually start 
your work for the day. 

All the successful people use this technique. This gives you power over your day.
Step 2: Make a to-do list for the day
Don't keep all your tasks in your head. Pour it out and put it on paper or a
 to-do list on your phone or computer. 

This leaves your mind free to do what it is best at. Think and imagine and
 work out solutions. 

It also prevents information overload with things you could avoid taking
 up space in your brain. 

Think of this as tidying up and documenting information in your brain in a
more visual way. 
This way you will be able to see clearly what all tasks you have completed 
and what all are left thus helping you stay mentally focused. 

Also striking off things you have done from your to-do list gives you a sense
of accomplishment.
Step 3: Learn to say ‘NO’
You should also learn to say no. 

For many of us, this is the toughest aspect of managing time. 

Instead of feeling guilty, be happy that you are not over committed. 

Just be careful that you are not ‘being used’ while maintaining relations. 

But this does not mean that you should be mean to those around you.

Learn how to politely refuse, direct them to someone else who could help out
or suggest a later time.
Step 4: Have a regular sleep schedule
Not getting the right amount of sleep means you won’t be able to concentrate
on anything the next day. 

This will affect your productivity. So give enough rest for your mind and body
 so they can in-turn reward you with a highly productive day.

Have a Wonderful Productive Days Ahead, guys.
All the Best and Stay in Touch.

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