Thursday, 18 October 2018

#LaunchPadJ2B - Quit Your Job & Start Your Business Series - 22

Business success relies on good leadership. Leadership skills help you to make more efficient decisions, focus on your individual vision and work towards achieving goals of your business. Developing a business means identifying development opportunities and getting your sales plan right. Business development takes guts, patience & a strategic plan.

As a leader of your business development you have to lead from the front. Leaders from all over the world believe that success is achieved through “leading from the front " being an example for the team mates and the employee’s. Leaders have to take a proactive role in all aspects of business. You need to learn how to manage people & time and be a better leader.

You need to create a connection with your employees or team members. Work done by employees with trustworthy leaders is always the best. You can build up a rapport by listening and sharing personal experiences, telling stories about your personal life and getting to know your employees better for e.g. their likes or dislikes.

Business development for your company would mean looking for new business opportunities, coming up with a creative solution to market a new product in the existing markets. Responsibilities would include sourcing the deal, prioritizing the opportunities that you have closing & negotiating the contract, ultimately launching a product.

Business development would mean creating long term value for a business from its customers, stakeholders, partners, markets & relationships. Long term value means revenue, customer relationships, market expansion & creating sustainability.

Leaders are not just born. Good leaders develop their leadership qualities by becoming people with core values, a fine character and honesty. They always fulfill their commitments and have business ethics. All these qualities have a great impact on your business. You are the leader of your business development so get clarity on every area of your business, customers and competition, and lead your team to success!

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