Friday, 9 June 2017

The bad habit is not invincible and you can get back to your good normal stuff

Habits are more powerful than we think. Bad habits deter us from reaching our goals. Some of the habits that we develop over time are quite difficult to change as most of the habits are involuntary. As it’s said “Bad habits die hard”. If some of the habits are bad then why do we develop them?

Generally, bad habits are the result of daily stress or boredom. Habits such as smoking, drinking, nail biting or net surfing are the ways to cope up with your daily stress or boredom. Since the bad habits help you to get rid of stress or boredom it seems advantageous to your mind and you tend to keep doing it persistently. Over the time, these bad habits become the part of your life-style. So, trying to stop that is futile. Instead you need to replace that habit with a positive one that provides the similar benefit as the bad habit. For e.g. If you feel the urge to eat junk food when you’re stressed, then replace that habit by listening to soothing music or eating something healthy that you like it. New positive habits can also be formed by joining hands with someone who practices doing it. This way they can act as a motivation for you to develop a positive habit. Finally, no bad habit can be replaced until you realise you have one and are aware about it. Therefore self-awareness is the first step towards your positive change.

All habits are learnable. The bad habit is not invincible and you can get back to your good normal stuff. All you need is self-awareness, will power, Self-discipline and perseverance; and in no time you can see your reformed self. All the Best for your new Life.

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