Thursday, 1 December 2016

How old are you, really?

Tell me, How old are you?

Wait, before you answer,
I want to share with you something unique and important perspective.

Let’s assume you are 32 years old and while saying your age, unknowingly you get sold to the idea that you are old.
But wait a minute. Are you really old?

No way, look at your body.

The body you have is NOT 32 years old. The Hair you have on your head are NOT 32 years old.
Your brain, your heart, your hands, your legs none of things are 32 years old.

Wow, then what is exactly 32 years old?
Good question, humm?

Well, here after don’t ever assume that you are OLD.

Your body is changing everyday. Number of cells in your body are changing.
Your mind is changing.
Change brings difference.
Your emotions, even if slightly, are different than yesterday.
You are learning atleast one new thing everyday.
It may be intellectually or technologically or spiritually or experience wise. But you are different.
That means you are not same as you were yesterday.
That means you are actually NOT even one day old.
Now, that’s a great way to look at life.

What if you choose to live your life as if it is your first day of the future?
Which new decisions will you make today?
Which new dreams will you dare to see today?
Which new things you can start from today?
How would you treat your life different from today?
How would you restart your life from today?

Here are my top 10 suggestions to restart your new life:
  1. Your Age is just a number, don’t worry about it from today.
  2. You are going to die one day. You will miss this earth. Start living from today.
  3. Choose your dreams and start working for it from today.
  4. Make new choices about cloths from today.
  5. Stop hanging around with pessimistic and tired people, become more active from today.
  6. Choose to become healthier and pay attention to what you eat and what you don’t eat from today.
  7. Start making better financial decisions from today.
  8. Set a goal about how long and how rich you want to live and start working on it from today.
  9. Choose new self-image from today.
  10. Be amazing, from today.
So, now you tell meHow old are you, really?

All the Best and Stay in touch.

- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
Author - Business Consultant-Success Strategist
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