Friday, 21 July 2017

What Men and Women Don't Know About Each Other?

Hello Guys,
These are some of my notes from famous book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus
Check it out if this is True ???

​1. The way men and women view the world is different.
Men and women generally are unaware that they have DIFFERENT emotional needs.
Men primarily need trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement.
Women primarily need caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance.
2. Men tend to calm down in confusion or anger.
Women tend to speak. It’s their natural way.
Men trust more if they left alone to deal with it.
Women need someone to dump inner baggage.
3. Men are like rubber bands and women are like Ocean Waves.
Men Extends & comes back. That's done deal.
For Women, emotions come back again and again as waves.
It takes time to get rid of negative emotions. Brain connections are strong and emotional there. e.g. Dealing with In-Laws
4.  When a man can listen to a woman's feelings without getting angry and frustrated, he gives her a wonderful gift. He makes it safe for her to express herself. The more she is able to express herself, the more she feels heard and understood, and the more she is able to give a man the
loving trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement that he needs.
5. To feel better, women talk about past problems, future problems, potential problems, even problems that have no solutions. The more talk and exploration, the better they feel. This is the way women operate. To expect otherwise is to deny a woman her sense of self.
Talking is stress reliever for her. Healthy & Natural.
He does not realize that she is talking to feel better.
A man doesn't know that she will appreciate it if he just listens.
You can see how a "literal" translation of a woman's words could easily mislead a man who is used to using speech as a means of conveying only facts and information.
6. When she is upset, worry about her…not about what she is worried of… SHE …Not What Causes the worry…In case of him... TRUST HIM and offer help solve stuff.
7. He likes spontaneous gifts. Most women prefer surprises told advance. Their mind adds more juice if they know about it before hand.
8. Martian feel good if they feel they are needed. Venusians feel good when they are cherished. 
To become motivated again he needs to feel appreciated, trusted, and accepted.
Not to be needed is a slow death for a man.
She should always feel, she is being loved. Small things at regular interval. e.g. Say I love you quite often. Occasional flowers. Love you texts. Touch then often. Kiss at forehead. Small gifts at Valentine day, anniversary, birthday. It’s not BIG GIFT ones. It’s small Gifts often. 
Women are hungry for love. Men are hungry for Appreciation.
9.​ In summery: Listen to her, Feel what she is feeling, Ignore the words, Her waves come crashing every month .. on Venus its like that. Just listen.... Don't offer solutions..She wants Empathy..Not Solutions
It takes two to argue, but it only takes one to stop an argument.
10. Men are logical. Women are emotional. High emotions. Low intelligence. 4 Magic words for Men….It’s not your fault.
I thought it’s good to share with you. Worth Reading…
- Sincerely Yours -
Success Coach Nilesh
Success Strategy Specialist from the UK
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